Black Mask - Purifying Peel-Off Mask

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For All Types Of Skin
Tones Your Skin While Deep Cleaning It
Hides Your Wrinkles And Makes Your Skin Elastic

10 Perfect is a cream that contains an unique vitamin based formula. This formula is a combination of natural cleansing elements which will nourish and clean your skin from imperfections like blackheads and pimples. It works even if you have an oily skin.

Your Ally & Best Friend For A Clean & Healthy Skin

  • Reduces The Formation Of Pimples & Acne;
  • Gives Your Skin A Fresh And Toned Look;
  • Provides Your Skin With Elasticity While Reducing Wrinkles;
  • Regulates sebum production, the main cause of blackheads and acne;
  • Eliminates redness from your skin;
  • Keeps your skin hydrated;
  • Eliminates blackheads without any pain or discomfort;
  • Calms down inflamed areas.


The regular treatment with 10 Perfect will give you a clean and healthy complexion.

Each person suffers, to a degree, from skin problems, no matter the gender. The pollution in the environment, stress and poor eating habits usually lead to skin problems. When this happens, blackheads will appear together with acne and pimples. This can lead a series of medical problems, not to mention physical and esthetic discomfort. In my experience as a dermatologist, I’ve tested a large number of solutions towards cleaning and protecting the skin, both for myself and for my patients. The 10 Perfect cream was one of my best finds and it is a revolutionary solution for anyone who deals with excessive sebum production and with blackheads in general.

The natural ingredients found in this cream efficiently eliminates pimples, acne and black-spots. This is backed up by clinical trials that proved that the active ingredients are effective in giving you a clean complexion.

100% Natural Minerals & Vitamins Formula For Results That You Can See TODAY

With Simply Straight, lost time, patience and money are a thing of the past.


The most common used methods for eliminating blackheads, acne and pimples:

  • A professional treatment done at a saloon or at a dermatologist. It is very effective but also expensive.
  • Removing blackheads manually, at home. This is a bad idea as it is common to leave marks and in some cases, it can lead to infections of the skin.
  • Home based treatments. While some may work, without knowing for sure what works you’re risking dry skin, irritations and other dermatological side-effects.




It is an excellent product. I have a sensitive skin and everything I used until not irritated my face. For a long time I was looking for a product that can be applied on sensitive skin. The result is very good if the pores are previously open using a warm towel or in the steam bath. It removes absolutely all dirt from the skin. I highly recommend it!

- Cassie S.-


To my surprise, it is a sensational product. Firstly I opened the pores with a hot shower (as I understood it works better) then I applied the mask and I spent 20-25 minutes until it completely dried. I slightly removed the mask from my face and I was amazed what was there. When the tube ends I definitely shall order more.

- William E.-


A mask really of high quality. The mask came within 24 hours after placing the order by Fan Curier. I applied the mask after I opened my pores on the nose and chin at steams only after I applied an intense moisturizing cream. The result was visible from the first use. I confidently recommend it to all !!!

- Jennifer T.-